Thursday, August 5, 2010


Jason and I took a much needed trip to Bangor without the kids. Well, we took Hal with us but going from 3 to 1 was pretty great! We did some shopping of course, but Jason had kind of planned this trip for me while he was in Arizona. When we go to Bangor we usually just get our major shopping done but Jason planned some different stuff for us to do. When we got there we drove a little further out to Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory. The observatory is a huge bridge that contains a tower which you take up about 420 ft into the air. It's was an amazing view and a really fun thing to do. We are already planning to go back in the fall so we can see all the leaves changing from that vantage point. Fort Knox was equally cool! I am a sucker for American history. There is just something so intriguing about being in a place like that. It was a kids paradise becuase they pretty much let you have free reign to look around the fort. Talk about a good place for hide and seek! Wish we had brought our flash lights because they would have come in handy for the tunnels. We are definitely taking our kids to see this in a month or two. To my girls, it would be like a huge (princess) castle.

Cool Architecture!

Fort Knox- This staircase reminded me of the staircase in "Sleeping Beauty" that she ascends only to prick her finger.

View from the observatory of Fort Knox and the Penobscot River.

New Bridge (completed in 2006) and old bridge (built in 1929).

Old bridge

The observatory is at the top--see the windows?!

The second day I thought I'd just be getting some shopping finished up but Jason had booked me a full body massage so that's what I did in the morning! AWESOME! That was my first ever professional massage and it for sure won't be the last! What a sweet husband I have!

This week we finally got to meet up with some friends and take our kayaks out this season. We weren't able to take them out since Jason had to go to AZ. It was very relaxing and I just wish the season wasn't winding down so we could go out more. We were able to go without any kids and it was so relaxing to just ride the river down with our friends. I wish I had brought my camera but of course forgot it.

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ABAKC said...

What a sweet husband you have!! I can't wait until I get another massage, they are so wonderful! Looks like any awesome place to visit. Miss you guys!