Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Cam and a Few other Things

I got a new camera. After being dropped too many times my other one finally died-- or at least the flash on it did. Here are the pictures from my new camera's uh maiden shoot--just a little of the everyday things that are too often forgotten.

Mckenna was in trouble for something this morning. When I came down stairs she handed me this.

I am sorry ok. Can you give me another chance mommy.
(Pictured is our family with matching initialled dresses for the girls and shirt for dad).

I don't remember why she got in trouble, but I will remember this apology.

Kenna's been working in her journal. Her latest creation-- "Plants need love, water, sun, soil." I love her pictures. I love being able to see the world through a child's eyes. It makes me pause and remember what really matters!

Halle laughing at my new camera! (Everything is funny to her!)

Love the tongue out!

Kayla was crackin herself up by shakin' her booty to some music! She wanted me to post her dancing, but this will do I think. Can't believe how old she looks in this picture!


shelly said...

McKenna is so dang cute! Wish I was mad at her and she was sending me an apology! I am impressed with her ability to write her thoughts down! Halle is getting so grown up! And Kayla - can't believe our little sunshine is starting school already! Thanks for posting!!!!

Kristy said...

They are all so darn cute! I love the girls writing in their journals. So impressive and adorable!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

hahaha I can't stop laughing at the apology letter :-) gotta love it adn soo glad you captured it!