Friday, November 23, 2007


In Arizona fall seems to only last for a week. By the time all the leaves have fallen it is past Thanksgiving and onto Christmas. This week finally has felt like fall. The leaves are really falling off and the temperatures finally dropped. Thanksgiving was yesterday and it was so much fun but I'm glad it's over. We had friends over and I was in charge of doing the turkey for the first time. It wasn't hard. After I got it in the oven I found myself saying, "is that all?" I thought I became a mom when I had kids, but I think you aren't a real mom until you host thanksgiving dinner haha. A lot of stress, but it all came together. The most important thing anyhow is to be thankful for what we have and to never take it for granted. I have really come to understand the meaning of counting your blessings. Since we married almost fours years ago, we have been blessed with so much, much more than most young married couples. When we moved here I never thought we would stay here. In my realm of thinking it isn't the place to raise a family. As we have pushed through we have met many others in our situation and it's interesting to see what they do with what they are handed. I'm thankful that we have stayed here and made it a good home, and that the Lord helped us to see that this is where we need to be. Maybe we won't be here forever, but what a great start to the rest of our lives!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Princess Wishes

November 10th was Mckenna's birthday. We had a little birthday party for her with some of her little friends. She got a lot of things but Jase and I got her a princess bike. Although she can't ride it perfectly yet, she still spent hours on it trying! She was so excited! I can't believe that she is already three. I don't know where the time is going.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am thankful for...

Yesterday on my way home it was just getting dark. Driving down the road I noticed that there was a house that proudly displayed their illuminated Christmas tree in the front window. Great! What about Thanksgiving? Here is a little list of what means most to us, at least off the top of our head.

We are thankful for:
Each other/Family/Friends
Peanut Butter and Chocolate together or alone
Blogs to keep in touch
Blankies to keep us warm
Happy Meals (guess who added that one?)
Soft Grass
New Carpet
Diapers and come to think of it... Toilets
Candy Land (real or imagined haha)

This is what we listed in a few minutes. Now you make a list. It's not very hard and kind of fun to see what your kids come up with. It surprised me a little to see just how much Mckenna really understands.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Halloween, Welcome, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations


Last week we had a lot going on. Wednesday was of course Halloween. Kenna was Tinker Bell and Kayla was a little bumble bee. They were so cute. We went to our ward chili cook off and afterwards the trunk-or-treat. We only stayed for a little while and then went back to our house to hand out candy. I think Mckenna liked that more than getting the candy. She kept trying to give her trick-or-treat candy to the kids coming to our house. Kayla wasn't sure what was going on, but she knows it was a party.


On Thursday night, Jase's parents got here. It was really fun to have them come and spend some time with the girls. Of course they spoiled my girls to the point of almost no return, but that's what grandparents are for. Wish we lived closer. Mckenna loved having them here to obey here every whim. Here they are playing candy land with her. Since Mckenna's birthday is Saturday, they bought her a chest full of princess dress ups. Mckenna was in heaven and still is!


Friday was Jase's B-day so we went up to Tucson for the day. We went to the zoo, and just did a bunch of shopping. It was nice to shop with the help of grandma and grandpa. I actually got to try stuff on before buying it. It's funny how little things like that are such a big deal. Jason had a good birthday. I love him and all he does for me and the girls. He is 26 now, we are getting old!


Saturday was cheerleading competition. It was an all day thing. My girls did soo good though. They took first place and I am so proud of them and their hard work. The cheer program here is just starting to take off and it's fun to be a little part of it. The girls have a lot of fun doing it and I'm learning a lot. I'm glad it's over because I will have so much more time to get other things done. With the holidays coming up soon, time is becoming very precious.

Pumpkin Patch Pics

Pumpkin Patch

We took the girls to the pumpkin patch. It's about the only cool thing about Willcox, so this time of year is fun. Mckenna absolutely loved the hayride .. of course. Kayla was needing a nap, but she still loved it. They had big metal tubs full of corn for kids to play in.. like a sand box. They loved doing that too. It was really fun!