Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day Numero Uno 2011

It is the first day of school. Mckenna is my 1st grader. She was completely dressed, hair brushed with a cute bow in it, shoes and backpack on. She whispered, "Mom, it's 6:30, well, it's actually 6:28, but are you going to get up and make my lunch now?" This is so Mckenna... always prepared.

I wish I could have this all on video. Her eagerness was so cute. After eating her breakfast, brushing her teeth, putting a few curls in her hair, and packing a lunch, she was off to school. She only waited 40 minutes outside for the bus to come. Love my little Kenna!

Kayla was a little less eager. She was excited, but she didn't get to go until the afternoon session of kindergarten so she had time with me and Halle to hang out. She kept asking if it was time, about a hundred annoying times. Kayla gets anxious easily but she didn't seem to exhibit that at all. After eating lunch and packing her snack, she only waited for the bus for about 20 minutes. She waved as she got on the bus, and waved as the bus drove on up the hill.

I was anxious to hear about their day so I waited outside for their bus. They came running off the bus, but before giving me a hug they turned around to wave goodbye to their friends on the bus. Mckenna said that it was "totally awesome," and that "first grade is soooo long." Kayla said, "My teacher was even nice," as if she expected her teacher to be some monster.

While they were at school, Halle and I enjoyed a 5-6 mile bike ride. I've been wanting to explore the bike trails and beyond here, but can't with the other girls because they are too little for the hills and distance. Halle sat in her little bike seat and talked/waved/laughed the whole time. It was awesome!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kayla's Birthday Celebration

Grandma and Grandpa Mathie visited a couple weeks after Kayla's birthday so we decided to have her party while they were here. She wanted a rainbow cake. The cake I did turned out really cool and I'll probably make it again for a potluck or something. Wish I would have had time to do fondant but it's really ok let's be honest... fondant looks pretty but it takes like wax with sugar in it. My little Kayla is 5. When we moved here she had just turned 2. She's grown up so much it's hard to accept. She starts kindergarten in a couple days.

Happy 5th b-day!

Kayla got a scooter. She's been bummin' scooters off her friends the whole summer.

This is cool, right?

Halle enjoying the festivities.

Kenna being her usual helpful self.