Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soccer Week 2

This weekend the girls had another soccer game. This may be a long explanation but I want to remember this specific game. Mckenna has a knack for soccer. She's quite athletic (much to my surprise). Each week they do drills for practice and then play a game for the last 15 minutes or so. She does really well at the drills but when the games start she would kind of stand there. When I asked her about this last week she said that her coach said not to crowd the ball. She also said that when the ball comes by her all the kids are around it and if she tries to get the ball then she'll probably have to steal it from her team mate. I like her sense of team, but come on-- get in there girl! Well this week they started the game and the coach set her up to kick off the ball. She kicked the ball and then stood there and looked at her coach and he said, "Go Mckenna go and get that ball and score." Guess that was all she needed to hear because she scored 4 goals after that. She was AWESOME! I also have to say that it would have been 5 goals, but when she got close to the goal she passed the ball to a team mate and being the good team mate she is she said, "go ahead, you can score!" After her 4th goal they made Mckenna the goalie, where she blocked to score attempts. I think we'll be going to many soccer games in the future!

The other plus was that because Kayla noticed that we were cheering for Kenna she finally wanted to go out and play with the team (they are on the same team if you didn't read my previous post). Kayla actually went out to play the game at the end and stayed in with no crying or forcing her to stay. It will be fun to watch and see how Kayla grows and progressed this year and next. Mckenna started out as one of the kids that didn't want to play last year.

One other thing, we made Kenna wear her shin guards and socks in the correct manner which was a fight. She attributed her ability to wearing her socks the right way. Whatever works, right?

Kenna isn't too excited to have her shadow trying to play goalie!


Amber said...

Sisters, aren't they the best! :)

Kristy said...

I'll be looking forward to watching Kenna on the women's U.S. team!