Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Shout Out

I have to give a little birthday shout out to Sarah. I can not get Mckenna's picture loaded so I may have to snail mail that to you. We love you and hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!


I lost my camera cord and used that as excuse not to post. No new pictures = no one reading anyway. I found my cord and Jase got me a new little video recorder for my b-day so I have no excuses.

Since our last post the biggest news we have is that we are going to be having a baby girl in March. The girls were a little disappointed at first, but we are all excited now! Mckenna insists that the doctor was wrong and it's really a boy. The doctor wasn't 100% sure, but he said if he had to guess from the difficult ultrasound, then he'd guess a girl. Now we just have to come up with yet another name. No real ideas yet. Here's my baby bump and as much as this picture makes me cringe, there have been those of you who have asked for a picture of my "transformation."

The girls have had fun lately by raking our many leaves, decorating cookies and visiting the pumpkin patch. The pictures show what we've been doing.

some kind of pretend play--don't ask me! What makes this picture so great is their matching shirts. They could almost be twins!

Sugar cookies are a tradition at every holiday. The girls are getting good at the decorating or at least eating the frosting from a knife.

Now the pumpkin patch. This was so much fun. Jason's work had a party at the pumpkin patch. They took us on a fun wagon ride to a field where the kids got to go pumpkin hunting.

My birthday was yesterday. I didn't make myself a cake, but my girls did--out of play dough yummy! They also filled a bag with some of their books for my present. Best cake and present I've ever had! Jason got me a little camera that does video so much better than the one I have so be prepared for videos as soon as I can actually figure it out. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day.

In addition to my birthday yesterday, we went to a Halloween Party at the church. The girls couldn't be any cuter. Mckenna was a punk rock witch and Kayla was a little cowgirl. YEE HAW! I had a costume of my own, but I'll save that surprise for my Halloween post in a few days.

On top of all this fun stuff we have been working. We have completely remodeled our kitchen in the last two weeks. I will have pictures soon, but I thought a project that size earned its very own special blog post (plus my kitchen is a mess at the moment).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's ALL about family.

Grandma and Grandpa visited us this past week. It was so fun to show them where we live. It's unbelievably beautiful here in the fall. It still takes my breath away (as cheesy as that sounds). I would post pictures but they don't do it justice. It was so fun to have them visit and share it all with them.

Whenever family comes to stay I always feel so sad when they leave. Our whole married life we have lived far away from family. I have gotten use to it now. There are times that I wish we could live closer. I never dreamed that I'd live far away from everyone that means so much to me. I guess it makes you appreciate them and enjoy them a little more. It makes the time you do have with them a little more meaningful.

End of Summer Fun

We have been up to a lot and I haven't been that good about blogging. I've been busy with house projects (pictures soon to come) school and of course the kids and being prego. Here's a brief illustrated version of the last month or so.

We went to the kids day for the Crown of Maine balloon festival in Aug. This was fun. They had a huge pen of shredded paper with white paper money mixed in that the kids could find and retrieve for a prize. They had more fun jumping and playing in the paper.

Bean bag toss. The girls loved playing all the little games. This was such a fun thing day. The best thing about living here is that it's so family oriented.

The girls competed in the cookie stacking contest. Mckenna won and was happy that her prize was her very own package of cookies.

Just thought this was a cool picture--at one point we could see 8 hot air balloons at once.

They do a hot air balloon festival here in Aug. The girls had so much fun watching them launch and then disappear behind the hill in the back yard.

Mckenna started Soccer last month. Today she scored her first goal. We love our little soccer player. It's pretty entertaining to watch this age group play.

In the last month Kayla learned how to ride a bike. She is quite content to ride around in a circle.