Friday, November 28, 2008


I have to say that Thanksgiving feels much different here than it did in Arizona. Maybe it's the difference in weather--having snow on the ground and the cold air, or maybe it's that we had not just turkey, but moose too (which is really good if you ever get the chance). We had a lot of fun (except that Jason had to work and we missed him terribly). We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with some other loners--meaning they have no family around either. There are about 5 other families in our situation up here so we all got together and gave thanks. I wish that I could have been with my family, but we still enjoyed it.
Here are the cutest in the world--ready to play and eat!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday my little Kenna

Mckenna's birthday was yesterday. I can't believe she is 4. We didn't have a big party or anything since we don't know a lot of people here yet. I don't think that bothered her. She helped me make her flip flop cake and we went to Mcdonalds. My favorite part of the day was hearing Kayla sing (she is quite the singer) "happy boooooth day to kenna...." It was so sweet. Even though we didn't do a friend party, the girls had fun playing together with kenna's new baby doll and her little ponies.

*I am just realizing that because we were so busy with the moving that I didn't post anything for Jases birthday or my birthday. Our birthdays are only a week apart--and then Mckenna's is another week after that. We get pretty birthdayed out. Are birthdays really a big deal when you get older? This was the first year that I really wasn't looking forward to saying I'm another year older. I always thought my parents were weird for dreading their birthday. Now I know the feeling.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet Pea Living

My sister is the most creative person I know. She has started a vinyl lettering catalog. I thought I would try to help spread the word. I know you have all seen the vinyl stuff a lot, but her designs are very unique and the prices are great! If you are looking for a great personalized and unique Christmas gift--check this out! I also have a permanant link on my side bar. I hope you will all check this out. It's worth taking a few minutes to look at!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween Fun

The girls were cheerleaders this year. (I don't know why Kayla felt she had to stick her cute belly out?) The community here is great. They do a Halloween carnival for the kids at the rec center. The girls loved playing the games and being with other kids. I liked it cuz it's safer and a whole lot warmer. The girls won the costume contest for theirgroup--ok every kid their age "won." Actually it wasn't too cold to take the girls trick-or-treating so we did that on our way back from the carnival. We went to a few houses around our house and they were so excited to have trick-or-treaters they practically dumped their whole candy bowl in to the girls bags. The neighborhood we live in is on the outskirts of town so they get few trick-or-treaters, plus it's an older neighborhood. It was a good way to meet our neighbors. "People here sure are friendly"--that's what Mckenna says! Halloween is so fun, but really every day is Halloween around here.