Sunday, August 29, 2010

Balloon Surprise #2

Like I said before they do a balloon festival here each year. They usually launch the balloons at the fair grounds, but they change the location sometimes due to wind direction. Jason is on swing shift and I just didn't think I could get three little girls there by myself in all the crowds to see them launch. Last year we didn't end up going either but I knew that because our house is on the hill you can see the balloons in the distance if you can see around all the trees. This was the plan, until we looked out the window and there were balloons every where across the street. I guess because of wind direction they changed the launch site to the (high school fields which our property backs up to). We watched the balloons launch and fly directly over our backyard but the most awesome part of the night was watching two balloons side by side going up our street. They were so close to the ground that we could talk to the people in the basket. I thought they were going to clip a few of the power lines. Home made ice cream, and hot air balloons in your yard was a great way to end the last week of summer!

This is the parachute guy that frequently flies over our house. It was fun to have him there at the same time as the balloons.

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Kristy said...

So cool! I want to live at your house!