Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starting Soccer and Balloon Surprise

We woke up this morning to a big surprise. This weekend is the balloon festival here in Presque Isle. There is a developmental center around the corner from our house. I guess this year they had asked a balloonist (is that what they are called?) to come and show their residents a balloon. So we woke up to a balloon right in our front yard. The girls were very excited. Mckenna was pretty sure she was the coolest kid when I took a picture with her and the pilot. We stayed for a few minutes to watch them take it down too.

Also this past week, the girls started soccer. They are on the same team. As I expected, Kayla had a hard time. She isn't a shy little girl, but it does take her a while to warm up to people. She's just like her mom. She wouldn't really go out and play but I think if we keep going, she'll warm up to it. Kenna on the other hand was kickin' butt. She is such a little trend setter. She doesnt' like the way her shin gaurds look under her soccer socks so she (and then of course Kayla follows) wears her shin guards over her socks. She firmly believes that this looks cooler and that soon all the other kids will do it this way. What the heck? She is only 5! What am I going to do when she is 13? Anyway, here are some pics of the little trend setters!

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Amber said...

They sound like YOUR girls! Cuties, too!!