Monday, April 27, 2009

Time to Sort

This is a picture of a duck boat.. i forgot to take one.

Old Cemetary where some of our founding fathers are buried.

Bunker Hill Bridge

Some of Boston from the River

just thought this was a cool bridge. The carvings are cool!

Cruisin' on the Boat.

Mckenna told the driver she was a princess (and not a pirate). He told her to drive and wave like a princess.

Kayla driving the duck boat on the water! She was so excited!

Kenna excited on the Duck Boat!

Geting on the Duck Boat Tours--

This is the opposite side.

This is the coolest architecture I have seen. This is a huge cathedral built in the late 1700s (I think). Here are several pictures from different angles. It took up one whole city block so it was impossible to photograph the the whole thing.

The Aquarium. The best part was the Penguins. The girls couldn't get enough.

Samuel Adams Monument

The Holocaust Monument. The girls thought this was cool to walk through. I wish I had had more time to read all the inscriptions.

Some of Boston from the River

We got back from Boston and I'm going through the 100 or more pictures I took to share the best ones. As I look at them I realize that a picture never does reality justice. I will however, attempt to share the coolness of it all with you.

We visited the New England Aquarium, and road the Duck Boat Tours. Those are the WWII trucks that can drive on the road or in the water. The tour took us out on the river. Those views were awesome! Our guide was great. He even let Mckenna and Kayla "drive" the Duck out on the water. Just walking around the city was exciting to me because I'm a history nerd. We took the subway down town a couple of days. The girls really liked that (I really didn't--but much less expensive than parking at 50/day).

The first day we were there was the Boston Marathon. I wanted to go down town, but with two little kids it was a little unrealistic. It was pretty amazing to watch on TV. I talked to a few runners that were staying at the hotel. I want to do that someday! (yeah right?!) I think the fastest time was around 2 hours 20 minutes. That means they were running about 5 and 1/2 minute miles. Wow! One of the things I most enjoyed was that there were two Targets within a mile of the hotel. Thank goodness for GPS. I don't know how we use to get around a city like that.

The girls and I enjoyed great weather. I was able to take the girls to the park almost every day. They are still talking about it! I also took them to Chucke Cheeses, which was hilarious. Kayla found a game she really liked and used about 30 coins on it. It wasn't playing the game she liked though. She would put the money in and push the buttons to play the game, but the whole time she would only watch the ticket despenser to see if she could get the tickets to come out. In her brain it was put the coin in, watch the tickets come out. Mckenna was just as funny. There is a ride that takes your picture. Apparently she didn't think the first or second picture was that good so she had to take a third. Instead of enjoying the little ride, she sat there as still as she could, smiling unitl the ride was done. Should I be worried? We have always lived in smaller towns so it was fun to spoil the girls (grandma style) a little bit.

On top of this excitement the offer we put in on a house was accepted so we are under contract and will move in about a month. I have missed my house in AZ so much. This one is going to be so good for our family. I could really see us staying in this house for a long time. Can't wait to move.

More pictures to come soon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boston's house

Before I forget about this I wanted to share what Kayla said. It was her turn to say the prayer.

"thank you for the beautiful day, that daddy can get home from work. That we can go to bed, and that we can have fun at Boston's house."

Yes, we are leaving for Boston tomorrow, to Kayla--Boston is a person!

Friday, April 17, 2009

a little of the last couple weeks

We have been up to a lot and with all the nice spring weather I have neglected the blog. I am trying to remain focused on school as well, so I have tried to eliminate distractions as much as I can until the end of my term. Anyway, I am finally getting around to blog.

A few weeks ago we had a ward pine derby activity. This was really fun. The girls had their cars that Jason helped them build with the few tools that are not in storage. Their pink and purple cars really stuck out!

Of coures this last week was Easter. We have great friends here that invited us to do BBQ and egg hunt. It was so much fun. It was the first of many BBQ's this year!

The same day as our egg hunt I ran in a 5k relay with my friend and her husband. That was pretty fun and challenging. I run 2-3 miles a day, but not outside so the hills killed me. I guess I'll have to work on that. Sorry I forgot to take a picture!

I couldn't manage to get that great of a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses before we rushed off to church, but it's still cute!

On top of this we have found a house we like and put an offer in this evening. We are taking a trip to Boston for a week. I'll have a lot more to share when we get back.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mr. Monkey

(Just another little thing to make you laugh today!)

Kayla, my little 2 year old is so unpredictable. Yesterday we were leaving Walmart. Kayla was her usual jovial, friendly, little self as she was skipping out she said, "bye!" to the Walmart greeter. It caught the old man a little off guard but he was happy to receive some kind of attention and he smiled and waved. Kayla then looked at him and said in her loud voice, "bye-- you Mr. Monkey!" and ran away giggling. This (rather portly) old man was anything but a monkey. I love my little Kayla!

Where did that come from?