Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reflection--Character Traits

I do quite a bit of self reflection but fail to write my thoughts. Maybe I should create a blog specifically for reflection. Anyhow, at church today one talk was about latter day prophets, specifically about character traits that have defined some of them. It got me thinking about my own traits or maybe my lack thereof. For the brief minute that the girls were coloring and Halle laid motionless in my arms I considered this question: What specific character traits do many people recognize in me? This is obviously a rhetorical question so please don't answer that, but think about it. When you die, is there one specific character trait that most people would recognize in you? Are you full of gratitude? Are you constantly serving others? Are you charitable? Do you have an ability to make others feel at ease? Do you see everything in a positive light? The list could go on and on. The truth is that we have all been given specific character traits and gifts. So perhaps the question I should also ask myself is am I developing the gifts or character traits I've been given?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chalk Challenge

A couple of days ago we went to a side walk chalk drawing "contest." It was mainly for kids ages 0-5 yrs old so it wasn't much of a contest, but more just for fun. This all took place at the girls favorite place, which they named, "the pond park." It has two play areas a large pond with ducks and fish, and a fun trail that goes into the "magical forest." The girls had a lot of fun drawing (as always) and then they got a prize bag and an ice cream cone. What more could a kid want? I love these summer days!

Also, Jason will be home in 3 days. I'm so ready for him to get back! Can't wait to feel like a family again!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trying to keep busy

I've just been trying to keep busy until Jason gets home. Only 12 days left. I have had a lot on my mind, but honestly am too tired to share it here and now so instead, here's a bit of what we've been up to. Enjoy!

We went to a U-Pick strawberry farm. The girls had fun picking and then after we had strawberry shortcake. Yum.

Halle was happy the whole time except when I tried to take a picture!

Just thought this was funny because I was just doing a test snapshot and didn't realize I was in the mirror.

Backyard Fun: It's been in the 90s with high humidity causing it to feel over 100 degrees. No big deal except that in Maine it's no common to have A/C. Our basement stays nice and cool but ya gotta get out a little!

Just a cute picture--What was I thinking buying a swimming suit that is sized for a 9 month old for my 4 month old baby? I underestimated the chubb!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Craft Day

The girls did a circus for me today. This included signs to help people know what was aloud at their circus.

"Allowed Pets, Yes"

"No person allowed"

Later today. . .

We checked out a book that has fun crafts for kids. Today we made light houses. It's pretty simple, but the girls loved it. When you shine the flashlight in the house it illuminates as a lighthouse. The girls are currently using them to house their little pet shop toys.

Happy Birthday America

We enjoyed the 4th of July with some good friends. We then came home and just did sparklers because they don't allow anything other than that here.

We went for a walk/bike ride. I love the bike path here because there is so much to see. It's just so beautiful. We stop a lot to look at things.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I wish I had something interesting to post about. Truth is I am barely keeping up with my kids. Being without Jason is harder than I expected. Halle's had a rough go the last week or so, but after a visit to the walk in clinic (that took my whole Saturday morning), she has been doing much better. I've just been so wiped out because she was waking up 3 times a night with a horrible cough. Now she has kicked that and I'm starting to catch up on my sleep. So I guess the whole point of this post is to get you all very psyched to read something exciting we have been doing in my upcoming posts, now that I'm beginning to feel rested.