Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wedding

My little sis got married on July 17th. Congratulations to Emily and Ben. The reception was in my parents backyard and turned out so beautifully. We did have to do a lot of work, but it really came together seamlessly. Emily wore my mom's wedding dress with a few changes to the length and the sleeves. She looked beautiful! Congratulations to Auntie Em and Uncle Ben!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Next Week

I was getting Kenna dressed after a bath and she put her legs out and said, "mom, my legs are really long."

I said, "Yes, your legs are really long."
"I'm getting so big."
"Yes, you are."
Then she said, "Maybe next week I'll have boobies."

She was totally serious so I said as I tried not to laugh, "yes, maybe."


We took the girls up to Gateway Mall in SLC. Kenna didn't like it that much, I think because she didn't like the randomness of the water. Kayla however couldn't have been happier. When the music came on it was a swing song and Kayla was dancing and jumping like she was in a contest or something. I wish I had it on video. Pictures don't do that dance justice.

This is a part of Kayla's dance. Don't you love that she is in midair. That kind of shows how excited she was.

Kayla is testing the water, and then runs away when it sprays. She did this over and over. It was pretty cute.

Is she 3 or 13? I don't know why she didn't like the water.


We went up to Syracuse to visit our friends that moved not too long ago. Mckenna and Ashlyn immediately picked up where they left off. The first thing they did was dress up in pretty leotards. Mckenna wore it to bed. We tried to put them in the same room and it worked for about 2 minutes.

We let the girls play outside for a while.
Kayla's favorite thing was driving her and Kynlee
around in the jeep--until they saw an airplane.

Our friends live really close to Jason's childhood home so we drove by and took this picture. He lived in Utah until I think the 5th grade. Then they moved to California. He was happy to see that the house was in good condition.

Utah Adventures

My dad set up the slide. The girls had so much fun with their cousins.

Kenna and her same age, best friend cousin Leah racing on the slide. I think Kenna cheated a little.

This is Kayla chillin' at the bottom of the slide--where she got plowed over about 20 times.

Even though she looks terrified, she loved it!

Kenna and her cousin Vanessa laying out to get warm! If you click
on the pic you can see their funny faces.

Kenna sliding and waving.

We just got back from Utah yesterday and had so much fun with the fam and friends. We were there for 2 weeks and it seemed to go by so fast. It was a much needed vacation. In 2 weeks Brian and Ashley will be moving down here. We don't move to Maine until mid September so we will get to have some time to see them. Grandma and Grandpa are helping them move down so we will get to see them again. The girls are way excited. I have little time now but a Utah Adventures post is coming soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Artist?

Lately Mckenna has been really into drawing. The other day she was watching sponge bob. During the commercial break they had an artist explain and show how to draw plankton. About 20 minutes later Mckenna was over there with a paper and a pencil. This is what she drew.