Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*just a note*

*I have recently updated my blog list. I fear that I may have left someone off. If I misspelled your name or I left you off accidentally let me know! Sorry if I did!*


Ashley and Brett said...

Hey celeste! I don't care either way, but if you want our site again its Ashley and Brett

Senior Family said...

hey celeste :) not sure you ever linked to us .. but we are not on your list :)

Shauna said...

I actually have a blog too (yes, they let *old* people create them too!!) but I have it set to private. I can send you an invite if you want, but I'll need your email address. (I have Jason's but not yours.) I don't need to be linked on your blog though. I love seeing all your photos and seeing your beautiful family! Oh, and just wondering if you watched that new show tonight?? What did Jason think about it?! Does he know any of the guys? Here's my email addy: shm at bigplanet dot com.
Hugs, Aunt Shauna