Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Days

Today it is -14 but with the windchill it is -34. This is what we did today!


Kay said...

WoW!! That's cold! I think it was like 70 degrees here yesterday. We sure miss you guys!

Ruth Ann said...

It is a totally diffenert level of cold! When I was on my mission we had about three weeks that it didn't ever get above -15. The low was -35 and the windchill got down to -85 or something like that.

When it warmed up a little I remember thinking "I don't need to wear my overcoat because it is nice outside". As we were driving past a bank I looked at the sign and saw that it was 11 degrees.

Good luck dealing with the cold, just stay inside a lot.


Tawni & Dan said...

How miserable! At least you have that cute girl to play with inside :) Those pictures are adorable! I love how creative kids are. I hope it warms up for you soon! Hang in there.