Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas and New Years

We had a great Christmas and New Years. We didnt' have any family here, but it was kind of fun to just be our own little family. The girls have been having fun with their endless craft supplies that Santa brought. I was so sick of them getting into my nice stuff that I thought the best gift for them would be their own drawers full of craft supplies. They have had so much fun. As I am writing this they are playing with wands they just made. Two or three times a day they come to me and ask me what they should make.

They have also been into barbies. They got barbie cars and tonz of clothes. To top this off we had some friends a few days ago ask me if we wanted their old barbie house. The girls have been in heaven and me and Jase get to watch and listen to their running imaginations.

We had a good Christmas and now we are just looking forward to the baby coming in March. Well, I have also started my new semester and with a lot of work and a little luck I am hoping to get a lot done before this baby girl comes. Maybe I'm going to have too much on my plate, but it's best to stay busy during the last few months of pregnancy!

I asked the girls to go downstairs and pick up their toys. This is what they were really doing!

Kayla got a lite brite from Santa and has really been loving it!

All Kenna asked for was a puppy (ironically she had a bad experience with a dog when she was really little and is pretty scared of dogs). I would like a dog too, but not till the kids are older and we don't live in such a cold climate. We got her a webkinz puppy instead. She thinks she's pretty big feeding her pet online. She first named HER Lola, but then changed her mind and said HIS name was Bones.

The girls in their pjs from G and G Haws. Kenna has always been very photogenic, but lately she anticipates the flash on the camera and thus in almost every picture her eyes are closed or halfway closed. Very Frustrating!

On Christmas Eve the girls got to open one present. They were very excited!

Reading a Christmas book together on a cold winters day.

Just before Christmas we had a snow storm and got about 15 inches (on top of the foot or so that we already had). The girls love to play in the snow and we have a perfect little hill in the back yard for them to sled on. They are so funny to watch. The deep snow definitely wears them out!

The girls pretending to be Santa at bath time.

Kayla's new lap top she got for Christmas--ok just kidding, but she loves playing preschool games on the computer and I just think it's funny how little she is next to Jason's laptop!

A good friend of mine was cleaning out her toy room and gave us toys that are "too old" for her kids. I organized them into roll away drawers for easy storage. I kept telling Mckenna that I would write or draw on the outside of the drawers what was supposed to go in them so they could put the toys away easier. She called me a few hours later to show me her pictures. She did the whole thing,(drawing, coloring, cutting, and taping) all by herself and is quite proud of it. I thought the pictures were pretty cute!

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