Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Update

Good news is that the baby is on the small side (good because they don't offer epidurals here). Bad news is that my belly hasn't grown and I haven't gained weight in two weeks so I get to have extra doc appointments. Better to be safe than sorry. I experienced this with Mckenna. No belly growth for the last month so they were concerned there was something wrong. It's probably nothing and the baby is definitely alive and kickin' in there.

No name picked yet, but we finally have a couple that we both like.

Kayla's most recent name suggestion is Cabeza (hmm too much Dora?).

Today Kenna asked how many more doctor appointments until they GIVE us the baby. That was a fun converstaion.

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Rowley's said...

Celeste you're my hero doing the "no epidural" thing! I was ready to beg for mine once I got to the hospital this time. I think you will adjust to having 3 a little easier than I have. You're first two are so close together that this one might be a cinch for you having Kayla 3. Aubrey turned 3 two days after Carlee was born and it was so nice that she was potty trained and ready to help me out when I needed it! Having a 20 month old has been a bit more challenging because she is still so needy of me. I can't wait to see pictures of your little one! Jessica said you were coming home in May sometime? You'll have to let me know and maybe I can come down and we can ALL get together!