Friday, December 25, 2009

Home for Christmas

It's Christmas night. The girls are in bed an hour early (I think they overdid it today). Jase had to work tonight so I'm sitting here thinking about the day. We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We couldn't make it home this year, but we managed to make it special here ourselves. We ate by candlelight, sang, watched a movie together and allowed the girls to open one present--pajamas. We did the webcam with my family. It was great to be able to see all the family gathered together. Even if we couldn't be there at least for a few minutes we were a part of it. I'm certain we won't always live this far away and so I must say that some day we will be home for Christmas.

I'm working on a little picture project so pics are soon to come.

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Schagel Family said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Sometimes it is kind of nice to just be your little family. That is how we were this year. Have a Happy New Year. We miss you guys.