Friday, January 8, 2010


Well this new year is going to bring major changes to our family very soon. I am due March 3rd with our third little girl (no name picked yet). I have started another semester of school which includes a lot of work within a classroom, which means time out of the home. I have started some of this and have really enjoyed it, but I know that when this baby comes it will be very difficult to get out of the house and fulfill the requirements that I need to. Because of this I am pushing as hard as I can to finish up as many requirements as I can before this baby comes. Lets add that I'm in the young women's presidency, teach piano lessons, and have two girls to care for. Stress seems to be the right word to describe my life now, but ironically I just feel content about the situation. I've been surprised at my ability to juggle these things in my life (no doubt I'm recieving a little extra help from above). We'll see how long this baby will stay put. We'll see how long this content feeling will last. Lets hope a long time.


Amber said...

Hey! Its good to hear again from you.
It sounds like a busy life. It sounds as you are doing well with the juggle.

ABAK said...

If any body can do it, you can Celeste! If we were closer I'd take your girls in a heart beat. Good luck and just take it one step at a time.