Monday, May 4, 2009


After the rain there were worms all over the driveway. Mckenna told me this morning that we really needed to go out put water and dirt by the worms because they were going to dry up.

Me: It's probably too late because the sun has been on them too long.
Kenna: Well, We have to hurry, I already gave them names.

They are apparently part of the family in Mckenna's eyes, but Kayla on the other hand is terrified of the worms.


Lindsay said...

that's so cute. She is such a cute little girl. I love her! Eli loves all insects and creepy crawly things too. He loves to pick them up and then come and show me. GROSS! I don't like them.

ABAK said...

The girls have been into worms lately as well. Ashlyn asked for a container so she could make a home for her pet worm. They're into rollie pollies as well.