Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Nothing has changed my life as much as becoming a mother. The day Mckenna was born was exciting and terrifying. It's a wonder how I (and I'm sure many of you reading this) had these innate qualities of a mother that I never new I had until I really needed to use them. Motherhood is something that has come quite naturally to me. I think many women feel this same way. While it is sometimes tedious, difficult, and challenging ---it is, on the other hand, most rewarding and joyous. I asked Mckenna a few months ago what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without hesitation she said, "a teacher, and a mom." I'm sure as she gets older her answer will change somewhat, but I hope through the years I can help to instil in both my daughters the desire to be a mother--as my mom did for me.

Which brings me to the second part of my post. My Mom. Words don't adequately describe the way you feel about those you love--most of all my mother. When I think about my childhood, part of me feels guilty that I didn't fully comprehend the love my mother has for me. As I see my children play, I know as they get older life with get harder for them. I want them to see themselves as I see them. I know my mother felt this way and I wish at the time I could have seen myself the way she saw me then; it would have made specific times in my life a little easier if I had believed the things about me that she did. As I got older and left the house for college I found myself in situations thinking, "oh, mom really did know what she was talking about." I love my mom for teaching me, preparing me, loving me, and mostly forgiving me.

Having an adult to adult relationship with my mother makes it all come full circle. Having someone who you truely believe and know has experienced what you have experienced is so comforting and makes the hards times easier and the good times even better.

I love you mom!

To my wonderful mother in law! My gratitude to you is endless. I'm lucky enough to have a mother in law who is not only someone I love, but someone who taught her son to be a good husband and father. It is truely to her credit that I have a husband who is as kind, loving and understanding, a good provider, and someone who honors his priesthood. There is a little peice of her in our house through Jason and I couldn't be more blessed!

I love you mom (Shelly)!

To finish up this post I have to brag about how great my husband was to me today. He got a really cute outdoor lantern for our new house. He surprised me with breakfast in bed and had the girls help do all of this. Today was just good all around. It was a day where everything just flowed. I played the piano for a few musical numbers in church and I also got to watch Mckenna sing a mother's day song in sacrament meeting. My young women are the best girls. They got me a little plant and a card. Mckenna made me a multitude of pictures and little edible flowers with her teacher. It's just been such a wonderful, peaceful, heavenly day. I just feel almost too blessed. Happy Mother's Day to all my sisters. I hope you all had a day to feel special, loved, and appreciated.


Lindsay said...

Celeste, you are such a good writer. I have had those exact feelings about our mom and being a mother. It is so hard for me to express them so meaningfully. love you and happy that your day was so great!

SBA said...

This is one of the best thank yous I've read on Mother's Day for quite a while. You're a wonderful mom and friend! Thanks for being a good example to all of us around you.