Sunday, May 24, 2009

In their own Way

I love the growing vocab of a young child. I'll add more when I can think of them. When I feel sad or mad--saying these outloud always makes me laugh. What do your kids say in their own way?

FLUM = Thumb

SHLOCLATE = chocolate

MARSH-E-LOWS= marshmallows

ImPOSTable = immpossible

SHOUP = soup


Kate said...

I just ate some shloclate that was impostable to not enjoy. 2 flums up!!!

Avery says:
hoss-eh-pull = hospital
comf-ah-moose = comfortable
some-pit = something

She knows how to say them correctly now, AND knows how much I love the baby way. So now she likes to tease me!

Jay Haws said...

squishy and bewishus= roasted marsh-e-low