Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's go Fly a Kite

Yesterday the girls attempted to make their own kites. I told Mckenna that it probably wouldn't work. What a mean mom I am, dashing her hopes like that. She didn't waiver though. She insisted that she could get it to work. Her kite consisted of a paper cut into a triangle. She spent quite a bit of time coloring a rainbow pattern and then she punched a hole and tied some string to it.

She took it outside and for about half an hour used varying strategies to get it up in the air. She ran with it. She threw it up in the air. She swung it around. She stood on the bench and threw it up while jumping off the bench. She tied it to her bike and rode really fast. No matter what she did it wouldn't fly.

She came in feeling a little defeated and I asked her if it worked. She said, "no, it wouldn't stay up." I asked her why she thought it wouldn't stay up. After thinking for a second she said, "Well, I need a stronger string."

This led to a great discussion about how kites fly and how they stay up in the air. I told her tomorrow we could try to change her kite and make it stronger so it would stay up. (Or maybe I'll do it the lazy way and just go to the dollar store and buy her one).

I love having conversations like this with my kids. It's so fun to see the light turn on when I teach them something, and the excitement to learn more that follows. I remember having moments like this when I was young. I wish I could have more moments like this as an adult.


Kristy said...

That is so sweet Celeste! Those conversations are just priceless. In case you're interested, here's a web site I've used to make kites with my class - it's pretty quick and easy, and all the parts required are easy to find!

SBA said...

You're such a good mom. She and the other girls are lucky to have you!

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