Thursday, April 15, 2010

Growing Pains

When did Mckenna and Kayla grow up? Today I picked Kenna up from school. As we were walking out she said goodbye to all the kids and teachers we passed in the hall. She knew all of them and some of them she even conversed with about things that had happened that day. I realized that she now has this whole part of her life that I'm not really a part of. It's so hard as a mom to let go. As I've watched her get on the bus each day I just think "oh well, she is only in pre-k." Now that this school year is beginning to wrap up I am realizing that my little baby is going to be a kindergartener in September. She officially begins her school career and all the growing pains that come with that! She'll continue to develop this whole different life that I'm not really a part of. It scares me, but I'm excited to watch her learn, grow, and make decisions on her own. Tomorrow I register Kayla for pre-k. I thought that with each kid it would get a little easier to let them go, but I don't think it will. I will miss having my little sunshine Kayla at home with me. She will go to school and like Kenna she will make her own little world that doesn't really include me. Good thing I have Halle now, but before I know it, she will anxiously be running out to the bus each day.

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Ashley said...

I totally know how you feel on this one. I just took Mason to the district kindergarten orientation tonight. I can't believe they grow up so fast.