Friday, May 21, 2010


We are back. It's good to be home.
The highlight of the trip was just getting to spend so much time with both of our families. I wish we lived just a little closer so we could see them more than once a year. We had pictures taken with both my side and Jason's side. Here are a few with more to come. (If you're looking for a good photographer in the Utah county area then check out Lindsey Shaun Photography

--All of my parents 17 Grandchildren--

My girls

The following pics were taken by my sister Heidi--who does a great job with pictures.

And here are some from my awesome sister in law who also does photography. She's just getting started. I think she has a great future with it. If you're interested in her work here is her blog.

Here are some highlights of our trip. I should have taken a lot more pictures. We did so much more than this.

Sassy little Kenna posing by the water at great grandma and pops.

Love these girls. My oldest nieces who Kenna and Kayla absolutely idolize.

My cute little sis Kelli, and cute nephew Ben. Kelli decided to go on a mission and she recieved her mission call while we were all there. She is going to the Chicago North mission speaking Spanish.

On our last full day in Utah we took the kids bowling. There were more kids than adults. It was pretty entertaining. He's a bunch of the cousins anxiously awaiting their turn.

Halle and Grandma Mathie-- cute huh!?

Kayla being her cute self by the water at grandmas.

This is soooo Mckenna. Katie, behind Kenna, is Jason's youngest cousin. They always have fun when we come out.

We were in Utah for Crew's birthday. Happy first birthday Crew!

The girls both got rides on grandpas "cycle-moto" as Kayla use to call them.

The return of Bibbles. Our unofficial house sitter while we were gone, Bibbles, is back and I'm pretty sure this is the same groundhog. He's so dang cute all sprawled out on our deck. Too bad he can't stay.


LinDsEy ShaUn said...

celeste, it was really good to see you and your family that you now have. when i see you i still feel like it we are playing basketball and associated that way . . . just kidding. but i wish we could have chatted more! i guess we will just have to keep stalking each others blog and facebooking! :)
thanks again for asking me to take the family pictures! they should be online today!

Kate said...

welcome back and glad bibbles made it through the winter!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

Such cute pics!! Linds did a great job! Miss you and hope you're doing well!

Lydia said...

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Amber said...

Too bad I didn't know you were here! BUMMER! :(

Ann Mitchell said...

Can't believe your parents have 17 grandchildren!!! I love the two oldest nieces...Rachel Jr. and Heidi Jr!