Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favorite Insults from a Three year old

When Kayla gets frustrated or mad at me she says one of three things:

"Fine, I'm not playin with you." (folding her arms with angry eyes)

"You're not pretty!" It's especially my favorite when she says this to Jason.

"I'm telling Santa to put you on the naughty list." (In the spirit of the season this threat was born a few days ago)


Amber said...

That is funny.
Holli also says- "Your not pretty Mom".
Little girls- aren't they supposed to be filled with sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice?

Amanda Robbins said...

I agree aren't gils supposed to be sweet, Lanie's favorite is "I'm going home(when she's already home), but this is something the kids I babysit say when they don't like something. Or our favotite "So!"

Lindsay said...

Eli says, I'm tired or I need to go to the bathroom. I guess that is his way of getting out of it.

Lindsey Walker said...

This is hilarious!! Ha ha ha