Thursday, October 29, 2009


I lost my camera cord and used that as excuse not to post. No new pictures = no one reading anyway. I found my cord and Jase got me a new little video recorder for my b-day so I have no excuses.

Since our last post the biggest news we have is that we are going to be having a baby girl in March. The girls were a little disappointed at first, but we are all excited now! Mckenna insists that the doctor was wrong and it's really a boy. The doctor wasn't 100% sure, but he said if he had to guess from the difficult ultrasound, then he'd guess a girl. Now we just have to come up with yet another name. No real ideas yet. Here's my baby bump and as much as this picture makes me cringe, there have been those of you who have asked for a picture of my "transformation."

The girls have had fun lately by raking our many leaves, decorating cookies and visiting the pumpkin patch. The pictures show what we've been doing.

some kind of pretend play--don't ask me! What makes this picture so great is their matching shirts. They could almost be twins!

Sugar cookies are a tradition at every holiday. The girls are getting good at the decorating or at least eating the frosting from a knife.

Now the pumpkin patch. This was so much fun. Jason's work had a party at the pumpkin patch. They took us on a fun wagon ride to a field where the kids got to go pumpkin hunting.

My birthday was yesterday. I didn't make myself a cake, but my girls did--out of play dough yummy! They also filled a bag with some of their books for my present. Best cake and present I've ever had! Jason got me a little camera that does video so much better than the one I have so be prepared for videos as soon as I can actually figure it out. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day.

In addition to my birthday yesterday, we went to a Halloween Party at the church. The girls couldn't be any cuter. Mckenna was a punk rock witch and Kayla was a little cowgirl. YEE HAW! I had a costume of my own, but I'll save that surprise for my Halloween post in a few days.

On top of all this fun stuff we have been working. We have completely remodeled our kitchen in the last two weeks. I will have pictures soon, but I thought a project that size earned its very own special blog post (plus my kitchen is a mess at the moment).


Kate said...

Thanks for the sneak peek of the kitchen. Can't wait to see more!

The girls are adorable... as is the growing belly! Grow, baby, grow!

SBA said...

I loved your halloween costume last night... it is well worth the wait and suspense in delaying its post!! Your family will love it.

ABAK said...

my girls love your girls costumes. They also love the tradition of making sugar cookies during holidays as well. Ashlyn still talks about making them with you and Kenna. Miss you guys! Have a fun Halloween.
P.S. The girls also want a video

Stephanie said...

Cute tummy, and cute girls too! I wish I was rich and could travel wherever and whenever I wanted. I would totally came visit you guys. What an awesome experience for you guys to be living in Maine. Hopefully someday you guys can live in Utah with the rest of us. We all miss you much!

Me said...

Hold up! So you got married like 4 months before me and you're onto baby number 3!! Man I need to catch up! I just have ONE and NONE on the way. Maybe if I get pregnant with twins... Well you better keep having baby girls because they are super models! Holy crap! Your girls are gorgeous!!!! Miss you!!!

Jordan said... guys are remodeling your kitchen, that doesn't sound like you :o) I'm sure it looks just as amazing as your remodel kitchen here in AZ. Love the baby bump and congrats on baby girl.

Mallory said...

Oh WOW! Congrats on the baby on the way!! How fun to have 3 little girls... wow! You and Lenae are twins ;O) Hope the pregnancy is going well and that you guys are having a great autumn! I bet its beautiful up there.

shelly said...

We sure do miss you and the girls! Thanks for the posts and letting us stay up to date! The girls were SO cute on Halloween and I love the pic on the stairs! :) Cracks me up! The leaf pics are SO Kayla and Kenna - what a bunch of hams! Love you guys!