Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of Summer Fun

We have been up to a lot and I haven't been that good about blogging. I've been busy with house projects (pictures soon to come) school and of course the kids and being prego. Here's a brief illustrated version of the last month or so.

We went to the kids day for the Crown of Maine balloon festival in Aug. This was fun. They had a huge pen of shredded paper with white paper money mixed in that the kids could find and retrieve for a prize. They had more fun jumping and playing in the paper.

Bean bag toss. The girls loved playing all the little games. This was such a fun thing day. The best thing about living here is that it's so family oriented.

The girls competed in the cookie stacking contest. Mckenna won and was happy that her prize was her very own package of cookies.

Just thought this was a cool picture--at one point we could see 8 hot air balloons at once.

They do a hot air balloon festival here in Aug. The girls had so much fun watching them launch and then disappear behind the hill in the back yard.

Mckenna started Soccer last month. Today she scored her first goal. We love our little soccer player. It's pretty entertaining to watch this age group play.

In the last month Kayla learned how to ride a bike. She is quite content to ride around in a circle.

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