Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am sitting here wondering if I should try and play catch up on what has happened the last three or four weeks. I will give a little run down. We had a wonderful Christmas. The girls absolutely loved their presents, but then again they would have probably loved just the boxes they came in. It was so fun this year to see Mckenna react to everything, and Kayla was really getting into it too. Just after Christmas we went up to Utah to see the fam and to see my little sis Emily home from her mission. She was such a returned missionary, but so cute! It was so fun to see my fam and Jase's family too. I was sick for a lot of the time and when we got back I came down with the flu. Now that I'm back on my feet I am feelin' really guilty about my blog. I will continue to update things as I have time. I 'm playing catch up with everything right now from being sick so we will get there eventually. For now this is it, but more to come soon!

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