Thursday, January 31, 2008

Follow the Prophet

I was really sad to hear this week that President Hinckley had died. I got the news just as I was putting Mckenna to bed. I told her that the prophet had died and she almost started crying. She said "but he's really happy now mom because he's with Jesus now. " I guess she is actually listening during out little family home evenings. Today she was looking through The Friend and she saw a little picture of President Hinckley and she said, "oh mom, look he's all better now!" I had to explain everything all over again. Then she started pointing to every picture in the magazine and asked me each time if this was the new prophet.

When we were looking at The Friend today, Mckenna saw a drawing of Goliath. She said, "he's a mean man, mom." I told her that he was. She said, "well, he needs a mommy."


kimball, michelle and brody said...

You must be a good mom then!! It's so sweet, the innocence of little kids! Love your fam pics by the way! You look so great!

The Noble Family said...

It is amazing how much these little kids understand. They truly are so sweet and always learning.

Rachel said...

She is so hilarious! I love kids and the things they say.