Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Wishes

It's been a funny thing this year. For Christmas we usually have in our minds set about what we want to get. Every other year we have made up our mind long before the Christmas season comes about what we want. This year there hasn't been anything that we just have to have. It has made me think a lot about what is really important and how easily we can loose site of the true meaning of Christmas and life in general. The last couple of years my in laws have given me a really nice nativity set. Every Christmas and birthday they gave me more to add to my scene. This year I have the complete set now. It is my most favorite thing in my house and I am tempted to keep it up all year round. I am excited for Christmas this year, but it feels different. I am not attracted to the many advertisements I see, but the simple things that make my life so happy and full.


kimball, michelle and brody said...

my mom does the same thing-every year gets a new nativity set or adds to one of them. I think I'm gonna start the tradition as well. Such a great thing. I hope you guys have a great christmas!

The Corrigan Family said...

Hey there girl. I am loving this blogging stuff and talking to old friends that I haven't seen in years. Hello and I am glad that I got to see your cute kids. My blog is I hope you are doing well.
Ashlee Corrigan (Harmon)