Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The beginning of All

I have been blogging for a couple years now, but this is a much better site. Thank you Heidi for giving me the idea to finally switch. This summer has been quite eventful for our family. We were so excited to attend Brian and Ashley's
wedding in May. We are so excited to have Ashley as a part of the fam. Mckenna absolutely adores her and Brian. What is even more exciting is that they are going to do border patrol which means they might end up living close to us. I shouldn't get too excited, but wow that would be so fun for us to have family closer.

After the wedding I stayed in Utah for another 3 weeks while J
ason worked a special detail in Tucson. When we got back from Utah he was sent to Tucson again but this time we rented a condo and took the whole family for the month. We were able to do a lot of fun things there. Now we are back and have resumed the work on our house. We have finished the kitchen and I am so happy with how it turned out. When I look back I can't believe how much we really have done. We have talked about selling when we get done in a couple months, but I would have a hard time moving from this house (unless we move somewhere other than this small town). Things here are back to normal for us, at least for the next few months.

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Kristy said...

Celeste, this is Kristy Parker... I found your blog from Megan's. I just wanted to tell you that you look GREAT and your girls are just beautiful!