Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So an odd thing happened to me at walmart yesterday. Of course pulling three kids around walmart can get a little hectic and by the time I get to the front of the check out line my kids are begging for a treat, and/or fighting over the little toys on the bottom shelf and I usually realize that I forgot something I really need. This time I just needed some batteries which I knew for a fact were on an end cap just a few checkstands down. I left my place in line (and yes, my kids too) to grab the batteries. As I'm rushing back an old lady stops me. She looked just like your typical grandma. She said, "Hi dear, I want to give you something, but don't want you to be offended." She handed me a twenty dollar bill and continued, "I noticed you had three beautiful girls and that you were having a hard time. I hope this helps in some way." Then she walked away. I hurred back to my kids with tears in my eyes (yes I admit I cried a little). How many times do I notice the trouble others might be having, but don't do anything to help? As I walked out of walmart I was noticing other people that very obvisously needed a twenty dollar bill more than I did, but I don't think it was the monetary need she saw, but more the encouragement that I needed.


Sarah said...

Oh I love people like that, they some how find a way to remind us that there are always little things around us that we fail to take it. Hope your day got a little better after that!!

Amber said...

What a sweet little Grandma!:) It is nice to know that some people out there are still nice.

Lindsay said...

Man, I want to come to your Walmart! That is so cool! I am crying reading about it. What a sweet little lady! Go spend it on something just for you! Maybe a new shirt or something! You deserve a month at a spa after this month!