Sunday, June 20, 2010

Freshness and Father's Day

Today we went to church and afterward we went to a baptism for a friend. While we were at church it rained, hard. After the baptism it had stopped. Everything was clean and fresh. The clouds were just breaking up, and the sun was trying to peek out. What an appropriate day for a baptism. When we got home I thought it was a good time to take some pictures of the yard I've been working so hard on. I've been meaning to take pictures of the yard. I wish I had done this a week or two sooner. More was in bloom and I somewhat had the weeds controlled. Since Jason left, not one weed has been pulled---O'well, right? Here are a few pictures of my work in progress. The work is never done.

Of course the other highlight of the day is that it's father's day. We all miss Jason extra today! The girls were disappointed that they couldn't give daddy the hat they made for him in primary. They weren't too upset when they just HAD to eat the cupcakes they made to go along with the hat. Happy FATHER'S Day Jase! We love you!

To my dad! Papa bear! Happy Father's day! I love you and can't adequately express in words how thankful I am for your love, support, and sacrifice!


Carly Kaiser said...

Your yard is so beautiful! I love it! Your girls are such dolls too.

Lindsay said...

So lovely! I am more jealous of your house now, because of your beautiful yard. Bot cheese! You girls are so cute on those chairs too. Miss you. Love you.

SBA said...

I was admiring your flower garden in your back yard this afternoon(the one with the lillies and lupines). You do have a beautiful yard!