Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have been sick around here lately. Being prego I had both the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1. I decided that since Kenna is in school she would get the H1N1 flu mist which she had a couple weeks ago. It is Kenna that has been sick really and I'm just waiting for Kayla to wake me up in the night with her turn. I haven't had a good nights sleep in 4 days so the sickness I have been feeling stems from fatigue I think. I am crossing my fingers that I don't get any kind of flu this year! Kenna is starting to feel better now. It wil be nice to have her back and to get us out of this house this week! On a brighter note-- I can't wait for Thanksgiving and getting my Christmas stuff out. I didn't get to have any of it last year because it was stuck in a storage unit after moving across the country. We will have a 2nd tree for downstairs this year. I really wanted to have a tree that the girls could help decorate with their craftiness. Fun!

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Rowley's said...

I'm sorry you guys have been sick! I totally understand what you are dealing with. I wish I was as smart and had the flu shots, well, I've wanted them but have not had any luck getting them. You have to fight tooth and nail out here to get a shot. And I'm not willing to wait for 4 hours out in the cold being pregnant AND with 2 little girls in toe. So I have been "swined" and hopefully NO MORE! You're poor girls, the flu is not fun. Let's pray for a healthy winter this year! I'm still sad that you're SO far away! Miss you!