Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So everyday I look forward to the pictures my girls will draw that day. Daily they present their pictures to me. Now that Kenna goes to school every day she creates some great art there too. Here are some of my favs in the last little while.

This is Mckenna's award winning art. She won a smoke alarm and a t-shirt from the fire department for drawing the best picture in honor of fire prevention week. She chose to draw things that are hot. You can see the frying pan at the bottom and the other boxy shapes are stoves, ovens and microwaves. I asked her what the vertical line was coming out of the stoves. She said, "mom, its fire!' What does this say about my cooking? Ouch! haha

A cowboy riding a horse. You will see that there are people following---those are the cowboys children.

Mckenna was asked to draw a picture of what she wanted to be when she grew up: A Dentist. Check out the detail in this picture. The green person is a mommy standing by.

This is Kayla's creation. She told me it's "THE LAUNDRY." I have no comment on this! haha


ABAK said...

Love the drawings! It's fun to see how the girls grow and change in their drawings.

Lindsay said...

Love them all. I love the cow children. So funny. Andy loved the dentist too. So funny!

The Nielson's said...

Hey Celeste, I love reading about the fun things your girls do and say they are so cute and have gotten so big. Your Halloween costume was great, and so creative. I hope you don't mind me nosing into your blog I blog hopped from Jordan's. Also congratulations on the new baby!!

Jordan said...

Wow, they are true artists. The last picture (which is too funny by the way) looks like a mone (think that's how you spell it)

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

haha!! Gotta love little kids art :-) They always make me laugh so hard!! Just imagine having 27 first graders...oh the things they come up with! Love ya!