Sunday, March 1, 2009


A few weeks ago I was given another calling at church to be the ward choir pianist. I love this calling. Playing the piano for me is so relaxing and enjoyable, but it's so nice to have new stuff to work on and be held accountable to play it well. When I first started playing for the choir around Christmas time I then realized how my ability to sight read had deteriorated. In the couple months since then I feel that I'm finally slowly getting back to the level I use to be at when I was practicing on a stricter schedule. I am so grateful to have this ability. It's impact on my life has been unmeasurable, but what's more rewarding is seeing that this ability I have been blessed with has an effect on others as well. (thank you mom and dad)

I started teaching piano again. I only committed to teaching 3 students right now. They are great! I have really missed teaching. I taught for a little more than a year in AZ. I was a little overwhelmed and had to stop after having Kayla. I am thinking about taking on some more students. The demand for teachers is high here. I'll keep thinking about that.

SCHOOL UPDATE: The trick for me the last couple months has been to find the balance between school, and home/family. Balance is so important in life. When I first started my classes I felt like the most horrible mother. I think over the last couple of months though, I have finally found the balance. School is going really smoothly now. I am the busiest I have ever been, but every night I go to bed thinking about how much I accomplished in school, with kids, and the home and I rest easy.


Heidi said...

Great Job! I try to learn the piano along with Elise but she wastes me. AAAHHH to be young and like a sponge. I am glad you are having fun in Maine. I cant wait to see you in June. My kids are so excited!

Jordan said...

And you are wonderful at playing the piano...we sure miss having you here to play for us in AZ. Keep up the awesome work with school it will be so rewarding in the end!!

Jocelyn said...

Hi Celeste...I found your blog while looking at blogs of others in the ward here in Willcox. I hope you don't mind that I checked it out! I had to comment since you mentioned when you taught piano here. Joshua loved taking lessons from you! I enjoyed my lessons, too (even though I could only take for a little while). You are a great teacher and I hope you enjoy teaching your students in Maine! They are really lucky! Take Care.

Jeana & Jonathan said...

Hi Super Woman! I can't believe how you do it all, being mom, being a student, being a piano teacher, and now ward pianist. You'll have to let me in on your secrect. You guys sound like you are doing great in Maine. Keep the posts coming, I love to read how you are doing.