Sunday, December 14, 2008

cold--snow.. but not ice

Moving to Maine has been a big change. I don't mind the snow as much as I thought I would. I don't mind the cold either, but the thick Ice.. that's not fun. It was -4. Yes that's a negative!!! The pattern here lately has been snow, then rain, then cold. Thus we end up with thick sheets of ice everywhere. It hasn't been fun and I just hope that it will warm up so getting in and out of the car doesn't take 25 minutes each time. I 'll get some pictures up of this soon.. it's actually kind of cool to look at.. just not live in!


Jordan said...

Oh no! Thats sounds a little dangerous. I know that I would not do well living in the snow...I just couldn't imagine trying to go grocery that hard for you?

shelly said...

Wish we were there! Thanks so much for doing a blog - it helps grandma feel more connected. Love you guys!!!!

Kendra said...

I have been reading the newspaper and seeing the news. I am not envying you right now. I have thought of you often during these times. Love you and miss you.
What is your address?

Andy's Mommy said...

Well!!! I keep hoping for snow and you are keeping it all to yourselves up there! I keep telling Manny we should just go up and visit atleast.... I just can't seem to convince him to put in to move up there...I noticed we have new neighbors..It really broke my heart to see someone moving into your house..I was happy for you guys...but so sad because it realized everything for us! Really miss ya Celeste! Talk to you soon

Tawni & Dan said...

Hi there!!!
I was so excited when I got your comment. It was so fun to see your little girls- they could not be cuter. Good job!!! I can't believe you live out in Maine. Life is crazy huh? We have been living in Boise Idaho for the past year and a half. Stump lives out here too! He is going to die when I show him your cute family. Well, keep in touch! Hope you have great Holidays.