Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween Fun

The girls were cheerleaders this year. (I don't know why Kayla felt she had to stick her cute belly out?) The community here is great. They do a Halloween carnival for the kids at the rec center. The girls loved playing the games and being with other kids. I liked it cuz it's safer and a whole lot warmer. The girls won the costume contest for theirgroup--ok every kid their age "won." Actually it wasn't too cold to take the girls trick-or-treating so we did that on our way back from the carnival. We went to a few houses around our house and they were so excited to have trick-or-treaters they practically dumped their whole candy bowl in to the girls bags. The neighborhood we live in is on the outskirts of town so they get few trick-or-treaters, plus it's an older neighborhood. It was a good way to meet our neighbors. "People here sure are friendly"--that's what Mckenna says! Halloween is so fun, but really every day is Halloween around here.


Ashley said...

Hey Celeste, it's Jason's cousin Ashley. I found your blog on Kristens. Here is the link to mine if you want to check it out.

Andy's Mommy said...

Hey Celeste! How are you guys doing? I miss you guys like crazy over here!!! Email me if you like, I keep in touch easier that way or call me!!! Hope all is well give the girls a big hug from me, andreah and Handy Manny!! Miss you guys. BTW here is my email address:

Staci Kramer said...

Hey Celeste. did you guys hear about the border patrol guy who was poisoned in a fast food drive thru? He may die. John got an email about it at work and they didnt release many details because the investigation is ongoing. I wondered if you knew anything. Its so sad. The first thing I said was that I was so glad you guys were at the northern border these days.