Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Past Month

We got a foot of snow about two weeks ago. Perfect for an end of winter snowman!

We have been through quite a whirlwind in the last month. Halle had her first birthday. She had been sick with the stomach flu, got better for a few days, and then got a bad cold. Her cold led to RSV, which required a few days in the hospital. Took her a while, but she bounced back.

Didn't get great pictures, but here are a few. She was sick so she didn't pose for the camera as usual.
Halle's Cake-- my attempt at a barnyard cake. Turned out pretty cute!

I'm just about done with my school. I have only 5 teaching days left. That means only 5 days that I have to spend away from the girls. It has been so difficult to be away from them, especially Halle. Needless to say I have felt like the worst mom at times. I'm just glad I don't have to do this long term, but I will miss my 5th graders.

Looking forward to warm weather, working in the garden, biking, hiking, kayaking.. just being outside.


Scott & Christie Lamb said...

oh celeste you are soooo close! I know how you feel! I have six weeks though :-( then it will be summer and me and gabby can play alllll day long! But then I have to go back to school, luckily it's only 1/2 day kindergarten! good luck and congrats!! glad halle is feeling better!

Salena Ashton said...

Cheer up, Celeste. It is very clear that you are a good mother and it shows in your kids. You're doing great!