Friday, April 17, 2009

a little of the last couple weeks

We have been up to a lot and with all the nice spring weather I have neglected the blog. I am trying to remain focused on school as well, so I have tried to eliminate distractions as much as I can until the end of my term. Anyway, I am finally getting around to blog.

A few weeks ago we had a ward pine derby activity. This was really fun. The girls had their cars that Jason helped them build with the few tools that are not in storage. Their pink and purple cars really stuck out!

Of coures this last week was Easter. We have great friends here that invited us to do BBQ and egg hunt. It was so much fun. It was the first of many BBQ's this year!

The same day as our egg hunt I ran in a 5k relay with my friend and her husband. That was pretty fun and challenging. I run 2-3 miles a day, but not outside so the hills killed me. I guess I'll have to work on that. Sorry I forgot to take a picture!

I couldn't manage to get that great of a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses before we rushed off to church, but it's still cute!

On top of this we have found a house we like and put an offer in this evening. We are taking a trip to Boston for a week. I'll have a lot more to share when we get back.


Kate said...


Call me tomorrow. I need details. You can tell me all about it as you pack.


Jennifer said...

I want to know about this house!

Lindsay said...

cool! I hope you get the house. So exciting!