Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back on Earth

We have finally got ourselves situated here in Maine. Just in time for the winter.. yesss. I know a lot of you are wondering if I was ever going to update. I'll start at the beginning. It has been a hectic and eventful month or two. We left Willcox to make the drive. If you're wondering how we got here these are the cities we spent the night in. Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, St. Louis, Louisville, Charleston, Harrisburg, Hartford, Portland, and finally here we arrived. Now here is where I would insert pictures of all these cool cities, but I left my camera in Willcox--actually I found it under my seat with a bunch of toys when we got here. I only thought I left it. We enjoyed watching the landscape change as we drove. There was so much to look at and take in... and so much for me to think about-- the drive never got boring. With two kids it did get loud and frustrating, but never boring. Thank goodness for DVD players.

For now we are living in a nice little basement apartment--small, but it works. We are going to buy something soon I think, but we are still cruisin the market. We have just been getting a feel for everything here and so far we really like it. It snowed tonight for the first time. Playing catch up isn't very fun. I can't write a tenth of what has been happening. This is all I got --with pictures to come as soon as I can swing it!

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Rachel said...

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! It is so good to hear from you. I am glad all is going well and that you are safe out there somewhere. The world seems so big when you are far away.