Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Next Week

I was getting Kenna dressed after a bath and she put her legs out and said, "mom, my legs are really long."

I said, "Yes, your legs are really long."
"I'm getting so big."
"Yes, you are."
Then she said, "Maybe next week I'll have boobies."

She was totally serious so I said as I tried not to laugh, "yes, maybe."


k.m.b. said...

HA! That cracks me up! It's so funny the things they think of...
It was so good to see you and you are seriously BEAUTIFUL!! Hope you had a good trip home!

Rowley's said...

I loved that! Kids...pure entertainment! It was so good to see you Celeste! I'm still so sad that you are moving soo far away, thank goodness we have blog!

Ashley and Brett said...

This is so funny! I love hearing things kids come up with up!