Sunday, April 6, 2008


I came across this band called Auburn. I love this girls voice! I first heard her sing when I was at BYU-I and loved her performance! Out of curiosity I googled her name to see if she did more with singing since I had heard her and she is actually the lead singer of Auburn--a folk rock band! Check them out! I think they are great! Scroll down and click the play button on my tunes widget if you want to listen or visit:


K & M said...

her voice is amazing! good find!

Rowley's said...

Hey Celeste! I just wanted to let you know that I have the links to some of the AF boys family blogs on my blog. I thought you might be interested in checking them out. I will find out tomorrow when my induce date will be, I'll let you know! I am so glad it is getting closer:) Love ya

Sheesh said...

CELESTE!!!! Oh my goodness! Of course I remember you! Your family is beautiful! email me with some details! It was great to hear from you!