Thursday, March 20, 2008

Makin' it work!

I finally have a few minutes to play catch up. Why am I always catching up?

We are so happy that Jase's brother Brian got a job offer with the border patrol. He started his training this week so he has been here in AZ for few days and will be through the Easter weekend. He has been playing with the girls and they really love him. We are really excited to have close family move down here! It won't be until June that they actually move down, but that's not long considering how fast the days go by. They will live about an hour away which around here is actually considered close. It will be nice to be able to see them often. Here they are hangin' out watchin' a movie together. (Ashley--we wish you were here too!!!)

The only big thing going on right now is our yard project. We have been busy going to the dump and digging out old bushes, raking, tilling, raking, tilling, weeding..... it never ends. I actually don't mind doing it that much. It's a lot more enjoyable to work outside to me than when we were doing house renovations. I think I might have found a new hobby that will probably get a lot more fun once all this prep work is done and I can actually start adding some design and functionality to the yard. We plan to put a sandbox in soon and Jase is really set on getting his grill that he has wanted since forever.

The girls are as cute as ever.. here are some updated pictures for fun. We go to the Zoo often so one is of them at a little chair at the zoo and the others are just at home being funny!

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K & M said...

Your girls are so dang cute. I bet they're so much fun. Didn't you say you guys were going to be moving soon? Good luck with the yard work!