Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The other night Mckenna started showing us all her moves. She loves going to gymnastics. It's really funny becuase her teacher has all these funny names for the stuff they do. So she is always saying, want to see my monkey jumps, or my banana split, or my butterfly? There is also her ending of "ta-da." Kayla of course tries to copy everything Kenna does. I'm surprised how good Kay can do. It's really funny. Here are some serious moves!

Balance Beam

Table Top


Kayla's TA DA!

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Lindsey and Dan Walker said...

Celeste! Hey this is Lindsey (Boren) I love this blog thing, it's so fun to look and see how everyone is doing and keep in touch! The last time I saw you was at the gym, it has been forever! I can't believe you have 2 kids, they are adorable, and you look great!