Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I figured it's about time to post something new. We haven't been doing much, but change seems to be in the air because it finally is fall in AZ. If you don't live here then it's a weird thing here. In AZ it tunrs to fall overnight. Really! This is the best time of year everywhere though. Ya gotta love it! We are going to take kenna and kayla to the pumpkin patch/hayride this weekend. Last year kenna absolutly loved it. Who wouldn't right? Gandma and Grandpa Mathie will be visiting in about 3 weeks, right in the middle of all our b-days. Also my cheer girls have a competition on the 3rd. Lots is coming up! So pictures are to come. Stupid D-backs. I hate cheering for your team when they lose! Good thing Suns bball is coming soon. We are just workin on little things with our house--probably will put it up for sale soon, and hopefully build up in Safford--back in civilization.

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